Q&A with Channing Frye

First off I just want to personally thank Channing for taking the time to do this and hats off to him for a very respectable NBA career. If you aren’t already following him on twitter for some reason make sure you do so @Channing_Frye. As an Arizona native, it was really special to see someone go to high school in Arizona (St. Mary’s) then to college at UofA then later play for the Phoenix Suns.

First I’ll start with a shoutout from Channing to Phoenix fans:

” I wanna thank all the Suns fans. I love y’all, even when I got booed in the playoffs, I say that because I knew y’all knew I could do better and that motivated me for the rest of my career! Thank you.”

Q: What do you plan on doing with your career after retiring?

Frye: “I plan on doing a lot of different things but staying close to basketball.”

Q: Favorite Suns memory or moment?

Frye: “My favorite memory was beating the Spurs and going to the Western Conference Finals.”

Q: Who were your favorite teammates in Phoenix?

Frye:Almost every teammate I ever had was my favorite. The energy and environment (in Phoenix) was great to make best friends with. To this day I still talk to almost all of my old teammates.

Q: What did you enjoy about growing up in and living in Arizona the most?

Frye: “The people. I’m so proud to be from Phoenix, to be from the Wild West! I love my city and I love claiming it and I love where we’re going as a city right now.”

Q5: What are your thoughts on the James Jones hire?

Frye: “I love champ, he’s a winner and an amazing hire. You’ll love him for years to come because he wants to win and he wants to create a winning culture.”

Q6: What do you personally think Phoenix needs to do to take the next step towards being competitive again?

Frye: “Establish some solidity with the coach and upper management (stop with the changes). Also surround Booker with winners and you will be all good after that.”

Here’s the tribute video they showed to Frye before his last game in Phoenix:

There were plenty of great moments from Frye throughout his career in Phoenix and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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