The 2nd Annual “Sunnys” Awards: The Best of Suns Twitter

Last year was the inaugural award ceremony for the ‘Sunnys’ where I simply handed some awards out to some of my favorite Suns twitter accounts without making a big deal about it, just a fun little exercise to bring the community together. Never thought much of it.

HOWEVER, after roaring feedback and hundreds of DMs, emails and fan letters with people demanding “we want more!”, and “bring it back!”, this year I decided to go all out and publish this in-depth article. And who knows, maybe next year it’ll be hosted on Fox Sports Arizona. Anyways.

New categories are added. Player profile breakdowns with scouting reports of each winner and the runner ups that received votes as well. For those of you that may have stumbled across this and have no idea what’s going on here, just think of this as a fun, useful guide on who to follow (or avoid in somes cases) on Suns Twitter.

Here are the 2019 Results:

Not listed above: “Best Podcast” went to ‘7 Seconds or Less’ by David and Max.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the thick of things.

Categories added/updated:

  • All-1st team added.
  • MVP-runner up added.
  • Most dramatic changed to ‘Best Drama’.
  • Funniest changed to ‘Best Comedy’.
  • Comeback Player of the Year added.
  • Sophomore Slump added.
  • Voice of Reason added.
  • Honorary Suns fans (outsiders).
  • Honorable mentions.

*Important note: You are not allowed to win more than one category. This rule can be found on page 24, chapter 5, section C of the ‘Sunnys’ rulebook.

Make sure you give all of these people a follow, their twitter handles are linked in their names.

MVP: Kellan Olson 

Kellan is the best at what he does in the Suns twitterverse, and he takes his rightful spot on the thrown here. Podcasts. Radio. Written breakdowns. Media scrums. Exclusive interviews with Devin Booker. He does it all. Appreciate this man. 

MVP Runner-up: Sreekar

Sreekar’s performance hasn’t dropped off by any means, but like many at the top, you have to do outlandish things to win MVP in back-to-back years. How many racists dudes offered him to fly out to meet them this season? While he improved in other areas of his game, the lack of FPS (flights per season) dropped, which gave Kellan all the ammunition he needed to secure his spot atop #SunsTwitter.

MVP 3rd Place: Andrew Leezus

Andrew went from being the most improved last season, to 3rd place in MVP voting, making quite the leap. He’s still far from entering his prime so there is still plenty of untapped upside if he can put it all together. The lack of face tats ultimately held him back from some of the voters on our panel.

All 1st-Team:


  • Mike Vigil. The agent of chaos. Mikal Bridges. Need I say more?
  • Gerald Bourguet aka “Zewio” brings consistently awesome content and level headed takes that are necessary for a chaotic Suns twitter world. Give him his account back @TwitterSupport.
  • David Nash does excellent film breakdowns and threads, and even though he left the podcast world he started a newsletter that is well worth your time. He asks the tough questions that will ruffle some feathers every now and again, but he is as fair as it gets which is a rare trait to have on Suns twitter.
  • Cody Hunt is an exceptional follow that is always creating fun content whether it’s polls, trivia, posting history blurbs, hot takes, you name it.
  • Sam Cooper does such a great job with the free agent videos, co-hosting a podcast, and writing for Bright Side. Has a great balance of humor and actual well-thought out analysis on the timeline as well.

All-Media Team

Dave King, John Gambadoro, Lindsey Smith, Tana Hughes, Evan Sidery, Gina Mizell, Duane Rankin, Inside the Sun”, Kevin Zimmerman, ESPO, Brendon Kleen, Cody Cunningham, Brandon Awadis, Suns Nation, Eddie Johnson.

Shoutout to all of these people for putting out great Suns content consistently throughout the year in one form or another.

Rookie of the Year: Baynes Fan Club


Baynes Fan Club is a generational talent when it comes to rookies, as he was the first unanimous winner of this award in Sunnys history dating all the way back to 2019 (via ESPN Stats & Info). He had a strong case for MVP honors, but per the ‘Sunnys handbook’ in page 24, chapter 5, section C it states, “an individual is not eligible for multiple awards under any circumstance,” thus eliminating Baynes FC from MVP contention.

His attorney wanted to file an appeal to this rule, but as a man of the people BFC decided to let Kellan walk away with the award as a token of appreciation for his work. A true gentleman and a scholar. We’ll see if he will be back for another year as he sets his sights on the MVP of Suns twitter, or if the strict rules of the Sunnys force his hand and he leaves Phoenix for good.

This league.

Best Podcast: The Timeline, hosted by Mike Vigil and Sam Cooper.

When it comes to content, audio, topics, analysis, humor and entertainment all combined into one, picking The Timeline as the best Suns podcast was a no-brainer. There are plenty of other awesome Suns pods out there, but I believe the balance of the aforementioned qualities set them apart this year. The fact that I have been on this podcast twice did not factor into this decision at all. Were they smart to bring me on? Of course. Did it sway the voting process? Not at all. Our panel of 46 unbiased voters left it out of the equation.

On the Rise: Craig A. Hamil

(also recieved votes: @SunsGoat, @NotRyanMcD)

This almost feels like an overdue award, because Craig has been rising the ranks for a while now, but it’s time to publicly put some respect on his name. Give him a follow if you aren’t already doing so.

Best Drama: Johnny UofAngst 

(also received votes: Kris Hanson, True-Rys)

This award was locked up the second the Suns signed Frank Kaminsky. There’s not much to add here other than the fact that this award going to someone with “angst” in their handle is fiting. If Johnny plans on repeating as “best drama”, then he better hope the Suns pick up Kaminsky’s team-option, otherwise 2019 winner Kris Hanson and darkhorse candidate Craig Hamil could give him serious issues defending his crown along with Rich.

OG: Jon Bloom

(also recieved votes: Dave King, Mike Lisboa, Rod Argent)

Jon is one of the best in the business, and he does a great job of interacting with Suns twitter despite working for the team which is a rare balance that is tough to find. Keep doin’ your thing, Jon.

Best Comedy: Rohan Singh

(also recieved votes: Scott Howard, Nipstick, Sreekar)

Rohan is always good for a laugh no matter if it’s Suns-related or not, the shit he posts whether it’s the videos, memes, food reviews, hilarious reactions, etc. always lightens the mood of the timeline. Drop this man a follow asap.


Most Underrated: Michael Schwartz

(also received votes: Xin Varlock, Chuckshots, Steve Benko)

Michael Schwartz was on “The Lowe Post” podcast with Zach Lowe talking about the Phoenix Suns. Enough said. Listen to this pod and follow this man.

Most Improved: Dom Tesoriero & Max Hodder (tie)

The first ever Sunnys “tie”. In order to break the tie, the judges would like each participant to put together a fair trade package for Devin Booker, best return wins (sorry Dom). Even though Dom had a rough stretch with some hot takes that were ratio’d, he provides some excellent insights and breakdowns of NBA players and draft prospects alike. He thinks outside the box, and does deep dives into statistical research and posts helpful graphs every now and then as well.

Max is just a good all around dude that brings Suns twitter together more often than not and has had some innovative ideas such as this:

Sophomore Slump: Suns Reddit After Dark

Some say the hype of winning rookie of the year will naturally lead to a sophomore slump. Other say ever since he changed the name from Suns Reddit to Suns After Dark he lost a step. While he hasn’t lived up to the lofty expectations that were set for him after his red-hot start in year one, Suns After Dark did show some flashes to remind us why he won rookie of the year, like this gem below.

There is still hope for a rebound. Comeback player of the year in 2021? Only time will tell. Every great player battles adversity.

Comeback Player of the Year: Suns Video Breakdown

There was a bit of a hiatus for SVB at one point of the season and they came back unexpectedly and it was pleasant surprise. One of the best follows on Suns twitter for analysis and as it says in the name… Video Breakdowns. Give them a follow if you aren’t already.

Voice of Reason: Jordan Kartchner

Voted in by the people! The write-in ballots were strong and Jordan made a push into the latest new category that was created due to peer pressure. Jordan consistently has well-thought out takes and seems to be one of the few “voices of reason” on Suns twitter, so I’ll allow and approve this write-in ballot.

All-Honorary Suns fans 1st team:

Honorable mentions that deserve more followers/love: (not in order)

Thank you all for reading. Suns twitter is an absolutely wild place filled with some interesting characters that makes it a mostly enjoyable experience. I’m sure I missed plenty of Suns fans to include on these lists, as there are still a ton of great follows that I didn’t get to on here. If you didn’t make the list, don’t feel bad. There are literally millions of reasons not to care, I promise you.

Also, major shoutout to Al McCoy for no reason at all other than him being the true goat of all things Suns.

Until next year, thank you from your host Zona and from our of panel of voters, experts and producers, take care.

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