Top 5 Moments of 2020 for the Phoenix Suns

Oh man. What a wild, unprecedented year… okay, enough of that word. We’re all sick of that word. It’s been a hectic, difficult year for all of us. I hope everyone reading this has an incredible New Year’s and holiday season as we move into 2021.

Let’s take a second to focus on the positives this year from the Phoenix Suns point of view, because there has been plenty of good sprinkled in even during this pandemic.

Disclaimer: This is is chronological order. 

1. The Bubble Suns

This one is super obvious. The Bubble was the best thing to happen to the Suns since their 2010 Western Conference Finals run with Steve Nash and company. They stole the hearts of America and played some of the most exciting basketball in recent memory. Sure, they finished a jumper short of the play-in spot for the playoffs, but those memories will last a lifetime, and the bubble propelled the Suns franchise into a state of respectability they haven’t had since Steve Nash donned purple and orange.

2. Booker’s Game Winner against the Clippers

One of the most iconic shots in Suns history, as the degree of difficulty was 110-out-of-100 on the tough-shot-o-meter. This moment propelled the Suns and enabled them to gain the confidence needed to close the Bubble out strong after taking down the full strength Clippers. I could watch that shot a million times and never get sick of it.

3. Suns introduce new “the Valley” jerseys + court 

In my heart, this is number one. The Suns have arguably the best color scheme in the NBA and they have let it go to waste for far too long. We needed these uniforms, and the court with the sunset backdrop on the sidelines was just icing on the cake. I’ll combine the new practice facility and stadium renovation with this bullet point. It’s just so refreshing to see it all come together in such a clean, unforced fashion.

4. Phoenix acquires Chris Paul

The franchise-changer. The culture setter. The start of a new era. This addition was always deeper than basketball. Finding a mentor like Chris Paul for this young core to teach them how to become a pro and more importantly, how to win is invaluable. His reach goes far beyond the on-court impact and you’re already starting to see those results. Without signing Chris Paul, Jae Crowder accepts an offer from one of the other 13 teams interested in him. Forming a backcourt duo of CP3 and Booker around this young nucleus of talent makes for one of the most exciting teams in basketball and what should be a playoff contender health permitted.

5. Upsetting TNT for thrashing the Pelicans on National TV

This one was tough, as there were many other possibilities to throw in for the 5th spot, but I feel like this one wraps everything up nicely as it puts the finishing touches of the process that was taking place in spots 1-4 on this list. The Bubble. The new uniforms and court. Adding Chris Paul and Jae Crowder. Everything just came together and this was the type of night Suns fans envisioned all season long, and to see it culminate like that was beautiful.

TNT cut the end of the game off because the SUNS were blowing another team out, not the other way around for once. 2020 has truly been a wild one.

Honorable mentions:

1. Aron Baynes 37-point, 9 threes made performance 

A ridiculous (and historic) stat line from the big fella that seemingly came out of nowhere in March. He posted 37 points, 166 rebounds, 9 threes and 2 blocks– that line has never been posted before in NBA History.

Also, shoutout to Baynes Fan Club, we miss him dearly.

2. Monty Williams’ speech 

I love this man. The ultimate leader. This speech was so important and that moment when he points to Booker saying “you’ve been through a lot” gets me every time.

3. The Night of Mikal Bridges.

Inspired by Mike Vigil. One of the most iconic nights of #SunsTwitter. If you know, you know.

Who knew this tweet would have a ripple effect of a lifetime. Mikal Bridges.

Then one thing led to another and the rest was history.

Here is the mood exiting 2020:

Comment below if you think I’m missing out on something, it’s been a long year so I’m sure you’ll be able to think of some omissions.

Happy New Year’s to everyone, stay safe!

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