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Contributing Writer: Damon Allred (@IAmDamonAllred)

Moses Moody is a 6-foot-6 wing weighing 205 pounds with a 7-foot wingspan in his freshman season at Arkansas. Moody was the third option on Montverde Academy, who many considered to be the best prep team ever. Moody’s illustrious prep career also includes being the first option on Brad Beal Elite in the 2019 Nike EYBL circuit, averaging 17.7 points per game. He was also part of a Team USA U17 training camp in 2018 and the Team USA Junior National team in 2019.

Moody projects soundly as a high-level three-and-D prospect who can handle off-ball responsibilities, as well as some on-ball. His three-point shooting has already translated beautifully to the college game at 42% on 6.4 attempts per 40 minutes through 10 games. Additionally, he has a very high free-throw rate for his position at .536 and 7.6 attempts per 40. Defensively, Moody has established himself well averaging 1.8 steals and 0.9 blocks per 40 with only 2.4 fouls.

Moody’s skillset sets him apart from most traditional three-and-D prospects

Throughout the different contexts he’s played in, Moody always finds ways to have success. At Brad Beal Elite, that meant initiating a lot of the offense, which he did well on high volume. At Montverde Academy, it meant sprinting off-ball, catching in good position, and launching whenever he was even a sliver of open. So far at Arkansas, it’s meant a combination of the two, with an even bigger emphasis on team defense. He continues to adapt beautifully wherever he’s at, no matter what he’s asked to do. 

Moody’s experience in these different contexts, even at such a young age, has given him a strong sense of discipline and just flat out doesn’t make mistakes. So far, he’s combining for an average of fewer than 4 turnovers and fouls per 40 minutes, the two most measurable “mistake” stats. For reference, Kentucky’s Terrence Clarke is averaging a combined 6.8 per 40 in a similar role and stage of development arc.

Projecting growth in Moody’s game

It’s difficult finding areas where Moody isn’t already super solid, but one area he shares with basically everyone his age is his body. Moody’s extraordinary length and IQ have helped him immensely to this point, but at the next level he will need much improved strength. Luckily for him, Moody is blessed with a frame that just begs for more muscle. His lower body could use some work too, since his movement can look top-heavy at times, especially when moving with the ball. This can’t be classified as a concern, though, given that he’ll be barely 19-years old by the time he’s drafted this summer. 

Additionally, a more dynamic handle could push Moody’s ceiling even higher. It’s the type of thing that pushes him from potentially a third option on a championship team to one of the top options depending on team contexts. 

Film session: Shotmaking

In one of the Razorbacks’ recent outings against Missouri, Moody had his full scoring arsenal on display. He finished the game with 18 points on 0-7 shooting from 2, 4-8 from 3, and 6-10 from the line. And for anyone scoffing at the 0-7 from 2 part, getting that many attempts up as an off-ball wing really matters a whole ton. 

At this point in the NBA game, it’s almost a prerequisite to have a stepback jumper available to whip out and abuse defenders with. There haven’t been many – if any – 18-year olds with a better one than Moody. As exhibited here, the forward momentum with the dribble really gets the defender on their heels. The massive amount of space he creates going back is just the cherry on top for a textbook example.


Like when mentioning handling earlier, Moody’s playmaking can really determine his ceiling at the next level. He shows some nice promise in this area already, although he only officially tallied one assist in this game against Missouri. His one assist was a beauty, showing his knowledge and how his gravity works for him. Notice how he maintains his deep positioning, allowing room for the cutter, before darting the pass.

This one is just so impressive to me because of the high velocity at which he’s moving, and it doesn’t keep him from making this pass in the slightest. And it’s a very difficult pass to make, not the most open of windows here.


Oftentimes, Moody’s calling card will be his defense. Sometimes, the shot won’t fall, but he’ll always be able to use his experience, innate feel, and good physical tools to dominate on that end, both on the ball and away from it. More than anything else, Moody brings effort defensively, and that’s on display with this chasedown block.

Draft stock

Moody has placed himself soundly in the back half of the lottery for me. He’s about as good a prospect as you can be without having much of a realistic star outcome. Moody really reminds me of sort of a rich man’s Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. More consistent with better individual skills.

Zona’s take

Moody is someone I’ve been very high on early in this process and I have him ranked 7th on my personal big board, which is a tad higher than the consensus at the moment. I believe he’s someone that can serve as an enhancer for any team with a primary engine in place. When considering his well-balanced approach along with his high feel for the game, it’s not crazy to think he makes a leap towards becoming more than just an elite role player and pushes towards being a co-star depending on where he winds up.

His player archetype suggests he has limited upside, though I truly believe he has a higher ceiling than most 3&D prospects due to his combination of high IQ, plus length and the ability to impact the game in a variety of ways. If he’s drafted to become a primary creator or as a franchise player, it could be setting him up for failure in a role that he isn’t built for at the moment. For teams that have their go-to creator or facilitator in place, he could be the perfect complimentary piece that grows into something more over time.

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