1 Twitter Account to follow for every NBA team

NBA Twitter can be fun if you fill your timeline with the right people from each team. The goal here is to help improve your timeline and expand your horizons on NBA Twitter with solid, worthwhile follows from all 30 clubs. Some of you may prefer to live in your own team’s twitter bubble, and that’s perfectly fine! For those interested in breaking out of the echo chamber or la-la land of your favorite team, this is for you!
I picked some of my favorite follows from each team, plus provided a bonus general NBA section at the bottom of the article if you’d prefer a more widespread approach to folks who cover the general NBA without any bias.
This is your ultimate #NBATwitter follow guide here on #FollowFriday… okay, I’m done with the hashtags for now, I promise.

Pacific Division 

Southwest Division 

Northwest Division 

Atlantic Division

Southeast Division 

Central Division 

General NBA Accounts:

I can’t guarantee you’ll love all of these follows, but if you’re either new to twitter or want to expand your network from an NBA point of view, this list should make it a more interesting, informative and unbiased experience for you. Hope you find this useful!
Also, I am always open to suggestions or recommendations to expand my own horizons on this app, so feel free to comment below with anyone you feel was snubbed or deserves to be included on this list. Thank you all for reading, and drop me a follow as well if you somehow already aren’t @AZSportsZone.

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