5 Minutes of Devin Booker playing defense

Devin Booker has made tremendous strides on the defensive side of the floor this season, and it needs to be highlighted more on the national scale. For most of his career, he’s been labeled as a defensive liability and while there was some truth to that, he also was never put in a situation to succeed on that end until Monty Williams arrived in Phoenix.

The culture change has been instrumental, and you see him engaged far more often than he has been in the past. We’ve seen the flashes numerous times, but now he’s starting to put it all together. It also helps when you don’t have to carry the heavy offensive burden the entire game, so now he can expend his energy in a more balanced manner.

I put together a montage of his best defensive moments (both steals and blocks) from this season with some added voice commentary over the plays. Please take a second to like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy it, it would mean a lot. I’ll try to upload semi-regularly on here!

For a full in-depth piece covering this topic, check out my feature on Bright Side of the Sun: It’s time to shred the old narrative: Devin Booker can play defense.

Things can change in the NBA in a hurry, so it’s time to drop that old narrative if you’re still hanging on to it. Can confirm that Devin Booker can indeed play defense. Who would’ve thought that all it would take for this shift would be surrounding the star guard with some competence?

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