The 3rd Annual “Sunnys” Awards: The Best of Suns Twitter

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. The third annual Sunnys awards are back and better than ever!

Suns Twitter is and always has been a rollercoaster ride filled with many highs… and some lows… but the community all-around is great if you find the right people to follow. That’s what I’m here for.

It all started with a harmless tweet back in 2019:

Then it somehow led to THIS in year 2:

Major shoutout again to Lindsey Smith and the Suns’ social team for making this happen. Shoutout to Tana who has moved on from the Suns as well, she did incredible work there. Cody is still going strong so show him some love.

Last Year’s Awards

Here’s the link to last year’s Sunnys article: The 2nd Annual Sunnys Awards: The Best of Suns Twitter

And now here we are in year 3… enough with the past, it’s time to start handing these awards out.

This year’s video:

Here’s the full YouTube video/live show that I put a lot of time and effort into… you guys are gonna love it. Big-time thank you to PHNX for helping with the production and making it into an awesome event, they really put in a lot of work behind the scenes as well to make it look incredible!

MVP: Sreekar (@Sreekyshooter

Sreekar wins his second Sunnys MVP award in three years, setting himself up for a potential dynasty run. The perfectly timed memes that are both relatable and hilarious are just a form of calculated art that Sreekar has mastered. I also had the honor of meeting him in person during the Suns’ playoff run and can confirm he is a real human.

nominees: David Kevin, Mike Vigil, Ridiculous Cage, Serg Caraveo

MVP Runner Up: David Kevin (@IVPointPlay

David’s newsletter is legitimately the best Suns resource out there, the information, insight, and predictions he makes along with the dedication to pumping the content out really stands out to me. You just don’t find content like that in the public sphere very often, so don’t take him for granted. Monty and Jones both read it, so should you.

Go show him some support and read his latest piece: The Euro Snap”

All-1st Team: 

This list is comprised of some of the best tweeters on Suns Twitter from this past year.

  • Serg Caraveo- Started the “chugging with the fellas” movement that took Suns Twitter by storm. The Chugfather himself! Serg is a great follow, all chugs aside, so if you aren’t already following him change that immediately.


  • Craig A. HamilTHE best Suns artist out there with some elite merchandise, and a great Suns follow in general and has done a lot of great things over the years on here. Craig stays true to his brand, and he’s someone you gotta respect.


  • Mike VigilMike from the Timeline podcast, you guys should know him by now. He’s one of my favorites follows on Twitter for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s clipping in-game plays, player reactions or going full “agent of chaos” mode, he brings life to Suns Twitter.


  • Sam Cooper- Sam, another member from THE Timeline podcast, is also one of my favorite tweeters whether it be firing off the hot takes or engaging in fun conversations with him. Suns Twitter wouldn’t be the same without the fellas from the Timeline.


  • Cody Hunt- Cody is one of the best when it comes to Suns history, and has great takes all-around. This marks the second straight year Cody has found himself on the All-First Team. Can he make a leap even further for next year, or will he hit a wall? Time will tell.

All-2nd Team: 

  • Max McCauleyMax offers some great insight and takes, and occasionally does so on the 7 Seconds or Less podcast with David Kevin.


  • Michael Schwartz- Michael is one of the smartest Suns fans out there and was of course a guest on the Lowe Post!


  • Flex From Jersey- Flex delivers inside info for Suns fans and does a great job on radio interviews, as well as starting his own weekly segment with our friends over at PHNX. He was the first to break the CP3 news, so he deserves a spot on here.


  • Max Hodder- Max has a balance of being hilarious and offering insight simultaneously. He’s done a lot of interactive Suns Twitter ideas over the years, so I figured it’s time to show him some love right back.


  • Jordan Kartchner- Last year’s “voice of reason” takes a leap into the All-2nd Team status. Jordan is a very active tweeter that always offers level-headed takes and value into a lot of conversations. Which is what Twitter is all about.

Best Podcast: The Timeline, hosted by Mike Vigil and Sam Cooper.

  • Winner: The Timeline

Okay, look. When it comes to production, consistency, content, insight, prime time guests, etc., Suns fans are very blessed to have this podcast in their rotation. I don’t think people understand how difficult it is to run a podcast year-round with substantial content.

Show them some support and subscribe to their Patreon: The Timeline Patreon

The Timeline- Hosted by Mike Vigil and Sam Cooper.


Podcast Honorable Mentions:

Runner Up: The Solar Panel- Formerly hosted by Dave King, ESPO, and Saul Bookman. 

RIP to the original Solar Panel, as it looks like big changes are happening over there, stay tuned *cough cough*. There are so many other great pods out there that I linked below, so check them out:

Suns Jam Session (underrated!), 7 Seconds or Less, Locked On Suns (shoutout Brendon), Fanning the Flames, and of course PHNX Suns podcast (brand new).

All-Media Team: 

I decided to leave the media + content team out of being eligible for the MVP or All-1st + 2nd teams. Sorry Kellan, the committee decided you are not eligible to defend your crown. To be eligible for the All-Media Team doesn’t necessarily mean you work for the team, this is just for anyone that produces quality content in one form or another.

Sunnys MVP winner Sreekar (@sreekyshooter) gave a shoutout to everyone involved, give it a listen below!

MVP: Kellan Olson (Media MVP)

All-Media Team

All-Suns Content/Staff Team:

These fine individuals all deserve a major shoutout for everything they did this past season. Suns content was truly on another level and I’m excited to see what’s next. Whether they worked directly for their content team or not, everyone here deserves a shoutout.

We will miss her. Unfortunately now she is a die-hard Jazz fan. Kidding… but really though, wish Tana the best as she moves on from the Suns after killing it these past few years.

All-Suns Content/Staff Team

The Suns also added Shawn Deloney to their content team as the associate director of content, so welcome him back! He did great work for the Cardinals (after leaving the Suns) and his return should take the content to another level. You could already see the Shawn affect™ take place in the media day photoshoot.

All-Hustle Team (news-based + radio + broadcast folks)

Mr. 2K himself, Vince is the Suns’ PA announcer and has done great work on Arizona Sports’ 98.7 FM over the years.

All-Hustle Team

Rookie of the Year: Ridiculous Cage 

Cage joins some illustrious company as the previous two winners for this award were Baynes Fan Club and Suns After Dark. Cage won this award in convincing fashion, as he took Suns Twitter by storm this past year. He is extremely talented… case in point below.

Funny story regarding Cage, he told me that watching The Sunnys on “The Outlet” last year is what drew him into Suns Twitter and made him want to get involved. Look at him now. Vegas has his odds listed at +700 for MVP next year, which could be a value bet given his trajectory.

Nominees: Zanezor, Cage

All-Comedy Team: 

If you need a smile or laugh, these are your guys. Whether it’s a bit, a snarky joke, some form of satire/sarcasm, etc., these folks crack me up. Give them a follow.

  • Rohan Singh- Rohan is bloody hilarious, show him some love and follow him if you aren’t already. He’s got an elite tier blend of comedy, bits, and takes.
  • SwaveyQuis- “Quis After Dark” are scary hours, but also just a hilarious dynamic… he also offers some really good basketball takes to go with it, so it’s not just comedy either.
  • Nicholas Stick- Nick is Nick. There’s no other way to put it. Whether it’s a sarcastic post, satirical, or him asking “Who?” in response to a tweet (iykyk), he’s a great follow for a laugh.
  • Scott Howard- Scott’s brand is so strong that it’s difficult to know when he’s doing a bit or making a serious tweet. Either way, Mr. Elmo was a no-brainer pick to join this superteam of hilarious tweeters.
  • Dylan (@artofthedyl)- “The hair guy”. Dylan is one of the most underrated accounts on Suns Twitter imo, so let’s get his follower count up.

The “Best Bit” Award: Davon Wade 

“Loyal Fan Seats”

This was one of my favorite subplots to Suns Twitter this season, as Davon would respond to fans sitting in the nosebleeds with “Loyal Fan Seats” whether it was a home or road game. That’s the type of interactions between fans and a player’s family that make this app so great.

Most Improved: Durag Hoops 

Durag Hoops™ has done an epic job with the YouTube channel, give him a sub if you are reading this: insert link here. He’s also a very good follow on Twitter of course, and that’s what this is all about, so let’s run his follower count up.

Nominees: NotRyanMcD, SunsGoat, Damon Allred

Most Underrated: Jon Phipps  

Jon is a legend. He’s always offering insightful discussions through his own tweets or in reply to others and has generally great takes. Jon has always been super supportive of nearly every Suns content creator out there, so let’s reciprocate that and show him some love and let’s get that follower count up!

Nominees: AZGuy6, Dom Tesoriero, Christian Coker

The OG Award (The Al McCoy Award): Mike Lisboa

Lisboa joins an elite group that includes Dave King and Jon Bloom as previous winners of the “OG Award”. Shoutout to Mike for being a great all-around guy and follow on Twitter. He also joined in on chugging with the fellas during the magical playoff run.

Rising Star: Kaitlin”@kaiti3bug”

Kaitlin is one of the best follows on Suns Twitter hands down, along with the aforementioned Serg and Chase, they helped push the #ChuggingWithTheFellas to new heights. Not only did they get the entire community to chug, but they got them to donate to a great cause in the process.

Along with that, Kaitlin is a generally hilarious follow.

Nominees: ChaseNWaterfalls, Bryce Wheeler, Ali (@eboldy)

#OnBrand Award: Xin Varlock 

Xin’s brand is as defined as they come on Twitter. Start Deandre Ayton at small forward, you cowards. If you know, you know. He has many different #onbrand types of tweets that are hilarious and involve some form of relevant satire or sarcasm that is good for a laugh. He’s a good follow in general though, follow him.

Nominees: SwaveyQuis, Suns After Dark

The Diana Taurasi Award: Madison Kerley 

This is a new one created to show some love to our Suns fans that also rep the W, named after the goat herself, DT. Madison Kerley is a great follow and I couldn’t think of a better recipient for this award… even if she is a traitor with the Cavs now, she’s a Suns fan at heart.

Voice of Reason: Jacob Padilla 

Level-headed takes are hard to come by on this app. Jacob is as real as it gets. He is not out for likes, he just tells the truth. He may be a Nebraska guy, but he’s a Valley Boy at heart.

Nominees: Jordan Kartchner, Steve Benko, Jacob Padilla

Best Drama: Suns Twitter 

Yes, all of them.

This award goes to everyone. I’ve never seen a fan base latch on to bad tweets/takes, etc. as a collective army and destroy people as swiftly as #SunsTwitter does. It’s actually equally impressive and terrifying for non-Suns fans. I can’t just single out folks like Kris Hanson, Johnny UofAngst, or Craig Hamil here. This is for everyone.

All-Super Fan Team: 

Shoutout to this group for repping the Suns in Phoenix or on the road all year long.

Zona Hoops Contributors Shoutout:

Major shoutout to these folks for everything they’ve done to contribute to the site.

Worst Tweet of the Year: Sam Quinn

It’s just too perfect. Everything about it… I honestly kinda want to print it out and hang it as a piece of art. Sorry, Sam.

Parent of the Year: CJ Johnson (@number4mama)

This classic cemented her as the winner. We will miss Jevon on the court and his mom on Twitter. Best of luck to them in Brooklyn.

Miscellaneous Suns Accounts/People You Should Follow:

All-Photographer Team

These two kill it, show them some love.

Honorable Mentions: 

This is a group of followers that just missed the cut but also deserve a shoutout for being an integral part of the #SunsTwitter community.

This is a very strong field overall filled with great folks listed in no particular order. There are just SO MANY OF YOU. This is NOT in any particular order.

Honorary Suns fans:

6th man: Baynes Fan Club

We miss you, buddy. Also, get well soon to Aron himself.

I also loved this tweet and thought it had to be included:

If you were excluded just understand a few things:

  1. there are literally thousands of you
  2. there’s always next year
  3. it’s not that serious

The final shoutout goes to Al McCoy, the goat of all things Suns now and forever.

If you want to support the Sunnys and the site to show some love… buy some sick Suns merch from Playbook Products, who we partnered with. Here’s a preview of what they have to offer: (click on the images for more information)



Thanks for reading/watching!

Until next year….. Zona signing off.

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