Phoenix Suns Win-Loss Predictions: Suns Twitter Edition

Here we are, folks. The annual Suns Twitter win/loss prediction edition has arrived. Last year EVERYONE failed miserably as the Suns exceeded all of our (at the time) optimistic preseason predictions.

Look, I’d never tell anyone what to do with their money, but the Draft Kings over/under for the Suns win total sits at 50.5 and that’s looking very, very, very tempting.

The Phoenix Suns have the best record in the NBA since the “Orlando Bubble” last fall. It gets a little complex to factor in records including the Bubble playoffs + last year’s playoffs, so I divided it into two categories. These are very large sample sizes… it’s time to put some damn respect on their name.

Top Records excluding playoffs:

(Bubble + 21′ Regular Season)

  • Phoenix Suns: 59-21 = 73.7 WIN%
  • Utah Jazz: 55-25 = 68.7 WIN%
  • Philadelphia 76ers: 53-27 = 66.2 WIN%
  • Brooklyn Nets: 53-27 = 66.2 WIN%
  • Denver Nuggets: 50-30 = 62.5 WIN%
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 49-31 = 61.2 WIN%
  • Los Angeles Lakers: 43-37 = 53.7%

Top Records including playoffs:

(Bubble + 20′ Playoffs + 21′ Regular Season + 21′ Playoffs)

  • Phoenix Suns: 73-29 = 71.5 WIN%
  • Utah Jazz: 64-34 = 65.3 WIN%
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 72-43 = 62.6 WIN%
  • Philadelphia 76ers: 60-36 = 62.5 WIN%
  • Brooklyn Nets: 60-36 = 62.5 WIN%
  • Los Angeles Lakers: 63-44 = 58.8 WIN%
  • Denver Nuggets: 63-46 = 57.8 WIN%

Enough of that, it’s time to get down to business. Below are the predictions from Suns Twitter… let’s hope we do better than last year: Phoenix Suns Win-Loss & Statistic Predictions Preview


Thanks to everyone that participated… I think you all learned your lesson from last year.

Even the “lowest” picks by ESPO and Max are even a game above their Vegas W-L over/under.


The 82 game season is back, and the Suns are fresh off a Finals run with what should be an even better squad in 2021-22 so these “optimistic” numbers were expected. Let’s hope they prove us right. That starts tonight against what should be a motivated Denver squad hoping to get some revenge from the sweep in the Western Conference semifinals.

“Hot” Take:

The Suns top their franchise record of 62 wins. As illustrated by my pick I have them topping it by one game, which would be one hell of a feat. Health is the major key here… they gotta stay healthy for it to happen.

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