Tevin Brown NBA Scouting Report

Tevin Brown from Murray State is one of the more underappreciated mid-major prospects despite leading the Racers to an excellent season:

  • 28-2 overall – their only losses coming to East Tennessee State and on the road against Final Four contender Auburn
  • 18-0 in the Ohio Valley Conference, finishing the regular season at #22 in the AP Poll
  • OVC Tournament winner 

At 6-foot-5 and 180 pounds, the combo guard is also one of the older prospects in the 2022 draft class; he turns 24 years old just before his first NBA season will start.


As for how he plays and how he’ll earn his money in the Association, Brown is a scorer by trade, and his bag is as deep as any. His quick trigger from deep makes him dangerous out of crossover dribbles as well as out of off-ball movements, where he’s so slippery sprinting around screens.

Brown had 160 catch-and-shoot opportunities over the regular season, per Synergy, and he’s one of the most efficient in the country. He creates 1.23 points per possession (PPP) overall, good for the 86th percentile, and that jumps up to 1.43 PPP over his 65 “unguarded” possessions (85th percentile).

He shows up in big games as well, averaging 24.5 points over his two games in the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament on 46% shooting, adding in 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 stocks per game as well. In the championship game against Morehead State, Brown got off to a blazing start, including 2-2 from deep in the first minute and fouled on what would’ve been his third attempt from deep shortly after.

Brown can score in more ways than his jumpshooting too, as he’s one of the craftiest below-the-rim finishers in the class. His age and experience show themselves here, as he knows just how to leverage his body to open up space for himself, and his touch in using the glass is elite.


Brown doesn’t necessarily stand out in a positive or negative way, and he projects to survive on that end just fine in the NBA. His lateral quickness isn’t elite by any means, but it’s also not a liability that encourages opponents to attack him. Getting low in a stance more often would help as well; he tends to be a bit too upright on that end.

He’s also disruptive enough to make an impact at least once or twice per game, and a lot of that is due to his solid length at what looks to be around 6-foot-7-ish, but his experience shows itself here as well. His hands are so quick on the ball and his vision in the passing lanes is some of the best among guards in the class.

Overall, it disappoints me to admit that NBA teams will see his age and be scared off a bit, but after recent older prospects like Cameron Johnson and Chris Duarte have still been able to show out in the league, I’ve grown a little tired of the “prospect is too old” narrative. 

Brown will likely settle in the 25-35 range for me, and if I’m an NBA team in the second round – or even without a second-round pick (cough cough Phoenix) – I do everything in my power to get him on a four-year guaranteed deal if possible. 

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