Potential fits for the Suns in the 2022 NBA Draft

The unfortunate truth that the Phoenix Suns don’t have a pick continues to be unfortunate and continues to be true.

However, widespread whispers say that the Suns are thinking about getting into various points in the draft. So, in this pre-draft exercise, I’ll give my favorite fits for the Suns at each range throughout the draft.

This report from ESPN isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of James Jones taking any swings or high upside prospects. In fact, if you read the whole thing essentially the front office doesn’t care about the draft as a whole. Shocker. We’ll see how much stock to put into that and how much smoke was in that report as time goes on.


Damon’s picks:

  1. Dyson Daniels – G League Ignite – Wing
  2. AJ Griffin – Duke – Wing
  3. Tari Eason – LSU – Forward

Zona’s picks:

  1. Jaden Ivey – Purdue – Guard (highly unlikely)
  2. Keegan Murray – Iowa – Forward
  3. AJ Griffin – Duke – Forward
  4. Tari Eason – LSU – Forward

Late first

Damon’s pick:

  1. Jalen Williams – Santa Clara – Wing
  2. Pat Baldwin Jr. – Milwaukee – Wing
  3. Christian Koloko – Arizona – Big

Zona’s pick:

  1. Christian Koloko – Arizona – Big
  2. EJ Liddell – Ohio St. – Forward
  3. Christian Braun – Kansas – Guard

Second round

Damon’s picks:

  1. Andrew Nembhard – Gonzaga – Guard
  2. Jaylin Williams – Arkansas – Big
  3. EJ Liddell – Ohio State – Forward

Zona’s pick:

  1. Keon Ellis – Alabama – Wing
  2. Andrew Nembhard – Gonzaga- Guard
  3. David Roddy  РColorado St. РForward


Damon’s picks:

  1. Keon Ellis – Alabama – Wing
  2. Tevin Brown – Murray State – Guard
  3. Lester Quinones – Memphis – Guard

It remains to be seen if the Phoenix Suns will even bother to trade into this draft, but if they do you better believe we’ll break down whoever they acquire in great detail. Given the recent ESPN report, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. And neither should you.

We’ll have more as tonight unfolds.

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