2022 NBA Draft Stock Watch: “He’s a 10 but…”

Recently at ForTheWin under USA Today, Bryan Kalbrosky led some awesome content in asking various rookies different basketball hypotheticals in the “she’s a 10 but” social media trend format. A lot of the participating rookies were great sports about it and revealed a bit of their basketball character, so to speak.

Therefore, with Kalbrosky’s blessing, I found it incredibly pertinent to assess whether any of the answers can help us decide even more whether the player will end up being impactful. Yes, this will 100% reveal my personal biases, yes, this is 100% in good fun meaning if I slander your answers here, it’s not a big deal.

He’s a 10 but he never passes you the ball

Most of the answers, like from Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren, Keegan Murray, etc., were between 4-6, which is to be expected. We’re holding our stock for these guys.

However, the most vocal about it in that group was TyTy Washington, who said 5 but added “If he not passing to me and he’s passing to everyone else and we’re still winning, I’m not going to say anything. But if we losing, bro? Nah. You a 3, bro. What are we doing not passing for and we’re losing, dawg? No.” That’s stock up if I’ve ever heard it.

AJ Griffin (9) and MarJon Beauchamp (10) are low maintenance kings, with Beauchamp even adding “Imma have to get a rebound.”

Jaden Hardy and Jeremy Sochan each went with 2; ruthlessly holding their teammates accountable. Stock up.

He’s a 3 but he makes the vibes better

We got six different 10’s here, and these are all obvious “stock up” guys: Murray, Sochan, Beauchamp, Blake Wesley, Washington, and Hardy.

Griffin and Jalen Williams both said 8, which points up but not as much.

Banchero (6/7) and Holmgren (4) might not be affected by others at all, and if that’s the case that’s stock up. But if it’s the case where their teammates don’t matter to them which is definitely a different thing, that’s stock down.

He’s a 10 but he doesn’t get back on defense

Now this is where things get juicy, and we got three tiers of answers:

  1. Banchero said 7.5, which makes me sad.
  2. Holmgren and Mark Williams said 5, which tells me they’ve accepted their fates as defensive gods with responsibilities and everything.
  3. Murray (4), Bennedict Mathurin and Washington (3), Sochan, J. Williams, Wesley, and Hardy (2), then my king MarJon Beauchamp says 0.

My favorite answer came from Sochan who stated the point many were missing – “defense wins games”.

He’s a 4 but is a dog on defense

Most said 9 or 10, and the ones that didn’t are guys I still have a lot of confidence in this department, like Sochan who is a dog on defense himself and said 7 and added a “yessir”. We keep it rolling.

He’s a 2 but he only passes to you

Lot of 7-10 answers, but Hardy, who most would’ve pegged as a 7-10 guy for this one, said 5, so that’s cool. Only other one below 7 was Sochan who said 4.

He’s a 9 but he’s obnoxious and hard to be around

Banchero and Jabari Smith didn’t even give a numbered answer, though Banchero said “I feel like he can maybe stay where he is at if he’s nice on the court.”

There were answers all over the place for this one, but my favorite was from Washington, who said “He a 6 because he’s a bad people person but on the court he still gets the job done even if off the court, you can’t really vibe with him.”

Mathurin (2), Hardy (2), Wesley (1), and Sochan (“Zero!”) were all the harshest with this prompt.

He’s a 4 but he’s the best dunker you’ve ever seen

All the answers lived between 4 and 8, though Mathurin gets funny points for saying “He’s bouncy”.

Biggest winners/losers

It’s hard for me to come away with any winners that are at the same level that Beauchamp, Sochan, and Washington were all operating at in here, valuing vibes and sharing the ball without being selfish. Murray and Mathurin are in that next tier for this, though.

Banchero and Holmgren are my losers! Sorry guys, but have some fun! Fit in! They did not.

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